What We're All About

The Kentokukan School of Shorinjiryu Karatedo is the result of Chinese, Okinawan, Japanese and Canadian influences. A blend of Eastern and Western philosophies, the old and the new world into a school, which presents to its students the best of both worlds.

Shorinjiryu Kentokukan Karatedo offers both children and adult programs. Our children’s program (4-17 years) provides the opportunity for the growth of self-esteem, improved concentration, self-discipline, fitness, problem solving and competition.

The adult program offers a wide range of learning experiences such as fitness, skill acquisition, competition (optional), techniques for stress control, personal wellbeing and interpersonal skills.

Everyone has their own needs for fulfillment. We feel that Karatedo is the best medium by which we can help you make a difference in your life.

The Karate courses are offered by certified instructors of the Shorinjiryu Kentokukan Karatedo Federation in accordance with its teaching policies and guidelines.

Motto and Dojo Kun

Kentokukan Motto

Never cease to grow, develop and maintain your body, expand your mind and polish your spirit.

Kentokukan Dojo Kun

  • Karatedo begins and ends with respect, tolerance, and good will.
  • Seek the positive in all things.
  • Strive to discover your true self.
  • Demonstrate your Karatedo in everything you do.
  • Be as nature and one with the universal spirit.

Junior Motto of Shorinjiryu Kentokukan Karatedo

We are strong, we are brave, we seek wisdom and we help others.

Dojo Kun

  • We are courteous.
  • We are respectful.
  • We are proud.
  • We are responsible.
  • We are co-operative.
  • We are happy.
  • We are grateful.
  • We are loyal.

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