Kentokukan Karatedo Training Manuals

Adult Advanced Manual For Colour Belts
Silver anniversary edition of the Kentokukan training manuals.

The Manuals (2019 edition): 20.00$

Image and text manuals for material needed, up to black belt

Junior Intermediate Manual

Junior Novice Manual

Junior Advanced Manual

Adult Novice Manual

Adult Intermediate Manual

Adult Advanced Manual

Beginner Self Defense

Adult Judo Manual

Also Available: Adult Shodan Requirement Manual

The Anthology: 85.00$

The anthology is a hard cover collection of all the manual. Makes a beautiful addition to any library or coffee table.

Kentokukan Technical Videos: 20.00$ (and up)

These online videos are training manuals. They are guides to helps our karateka succeed in their Karatedo goals. From white belt to godan (and beyond), we have videos for most material.

How to order your training manual

Orders for training manuals go through your Dojo Sensei. For those interested in the Anthology, please reach out to Shihan Mastrocola (

How to access the Kentokukan Technical Videos

Inform your Sensei that you would like to join our technical videos. There is a 20$ registration fee that your Sensei will collect. Once you have paid your Sensei, you can fill in the registration for the site. You can find that here.

Please note: It may take a few days, up to a week for your registration to be approved. If you have any questions, please ask your Sensei.

Pricing is as follows

Registration / Yukyusha material20.00$
Shodan to Nidan60.00$
Nidan to Sandan55.00$
Sandan to Yondan35.00$
Yondan to Godan20.00$

For new Yudansha registrations: You must pay the registration fee and the preceding levels until yours.