Karate Training Centers – Dojo

Kentokukan has karate training centers (dojo) in 3 provinces across Canada.

COVID-19 has affected many training centers. Please read the protocol for the specific dojo you wish to visit. (You can also reach out through their contact information)

Montreal Area Karate Training Centers

Kentokukan Hombu Dojo

Location: V- Fit P.R.O. Solutions (10 Milner St., Montreal West, QC) (temporary location)

Dawson College (3040 Sherbrooke St. W, Westmount, QC. Room: 0H3) (please see temporary location)

Class Schedule:


  • 7:30pm-9:00pm (Black Belts ONLY)

Dojo Sensei: Shinan Donivan – 9th Dan

Contact Information: kentokukan@gmail.com

Kibukai Dojo

Location: McGill Sports Complex (475 Pine Ave. West, Montreal, QC)

Class Schedule:

Monday & Wednesday

  • 7:40pm-9:30pm (Adult Colour Belts)

Dojo Sensei: Kyoshi Lepine – 7th Dan

Contact Information: shihanlepine@gmail.com or McGill Campus Recreation (514) 398-7011

Seishinkan Dojo

Location: Tristar Gym (5275 Ferrier, #301, Montreal, QC)

Class Schedule: COVID-19 has interrupted the Fall 2020 session, please check emails for updates.

Dojo Sensei: Shihan Filippelli – 6th Dan, Sensei Morin – 5th Dan, Sempai Rubina – 3rd Dan

Contact Information: seishinkan@hotmail.com or Tristar Gym (514) 343-0148

Kazoku Kai Dojo

Location: V- Fit P.R.O. Solutions (10 Milner St., Montreal West, QC)

Class Schedule: (Summer Schedule)

Monday & Wednesday & Friday

  • 5:30pm-7:00pm (ages 5+)

Dojo Sensei: Shihan Taddeo – 6th Dan, Sensei Ryans – 4th Dan, Sempai Thomas – jr 2nd Dan, Sempai Julia – jr 1st Dan

Contact Information: kazokukaidojo@gmail.com or Shihan Taddeo (514) 718-1597

Kenshinkai Dojo

Location: Hudson Community Center (394 Main Rd, Hudson, QC)

Class Schedule:


  • 5:00pm-6:30pm (Junior Aged 7+ and Adults)

Dojo Sensei: Shihan Di Filippo – 6th Dan

Contact Information: luigi.difilippo@outlook.com or Hudson Community Center (450) 458-6699

Budo Kai

Location: 2705 Masson Street, Montréal, QC

Class Schedule:


  • 19h00-21h00 (Adults)


  • 13h30-15h30 (Adults)

Dojo Sensei: Sensei Morin – 5th Dan, Sempai Nadim – 2nd Dan

Contact Information: budokaimontreal@gmail.com

Ontario Karate Training Centers

Shuyokan Dojo

Location: Merival United Church (1876 Merivale Rd, Nepean, ON)

Class Schedule:

Wednesday & Friday

  • 6:30pm-9:30pm (Junior aged 7+, and Adult)

Location: Sandy Hill Community Centre (250 Somerset st. E, Ottawa, ON)

Class Schedule:


  • 6:00pm-7:00pm (Junior aged 7- 13)

Dojo Sensei: Sensei Hunter – 5th Dan

Contact Information: senseihunter@shuyokandojo.com or (613) 286-0476

Member of the Ontario Karate Federation.

Waheikan Dojo

Location: Routhier Community Center (172 Guigues Ave., Ottawa, ON)

Class Schedule: COVID-19 has interrupted the Fall 2020 session, please email for updates.

Dojo Sensei: Sempai Howard – 1st Dan

Contact Information: howard_rosenblum@rogers.com or (613) 851-4269

Alberta Karate Training Centers

Wa No Kaze Kai Dojo

Locations: Whispering Hills Primary School (3001 Whispering Hills Drive, Athabasca, AB)

Class Schedule:

Tuesday and Thursday:

  • 6:00pm – 7:30pm (Junior Aged 12+ and Adults)

Dojo Sensei: Shihan Jones – 6th Dan, Sensei Jones – 5th Dan, Sensei Day – 4th Dan, Sempai Alyssa – 3rd Dan

Contact Information: wanokazekai@gmail.com, or Shihan Jones (780) 675-5166 or (780) 689-0659