COVID-19 Protocol: Wa no Kaze Kai Dojo

  • Alberta Health proof of vaccination is required to participate in karate classes.
  • Masks mandatory when entering the school and in the building at all times (in the hallways, washrooms and in the gym prior to the start of class).
  • Hands must be sanitized when entering and leaving the school and prior to starting class. Hand Sanitizer will be available, but please bring your own personal supply.
  • Sign-in to school visitor log book
  • All participants must review COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist (For Adults 18 yrs and older OR Children under 18) and date/sign for each class attended.
  • Masks can be worn during training but are not mandatory when actively exercising. Please bring a labelled baggie to store your mask when not in use.
  • Social distancing is be maintained throughout the class training time.
  • Please remain in your designated area if you are not wearing a mask.
  • Black belts that are providing individual instruction shall remain masked.
  • Water breaks – bring your own water bottle. Water fountains are used to fill bottles only.